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I am an artist currently based in Chicago, IL. I write, curate, create multi-media installations and collage, indulging indiscriminately and whole-heartedly in the creative, social and critical freedoms afforded to each practice. Much of my time is spent reading, researching and playing games. I’m a Capricorn and amateur tarot reader. I was born in 1989 and grew up in New York City. Currently, I co-host the podcast Human Eye, with LA based artist Miranda Javid.

With a decidedly skeptical attitude, most of my projects begin with an absurd question, spurred by events or phenomena on my cultural radar. “How do I... write a piece of criticism that is a fan fiction and also reads as Socratic dialogue? Can I use my art making to study Japanese? Is there really an incorrect way to express my own racial identity?” My recent work uses the triangulation of three recurring intellectual interests – Japanese Aesthetics, Media Ecology and Necropolitics – as a framework. It is a dumbfounding and empowering process to deconstruct and rebuild the world around me, inevitably representing the strangeness of life, and how it is defined.

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